The Keto Diet


I am sure that many, if not all of you, have heard about the ketogenic diet a lot lately. Maybe you have even tried it out! Recent research is proving that getting healthy fats (avocados, coconut oil, olive oil, and more) is important for your health and well-being, and the ketogenic diet might be a good way for you to make sure you are making these a part of your diet. However, there is some back and forth on just how healthy the typical keto diet might be.

When people are trying to implement this diet, it will usually involve a large cut in carbohydrates and a big rise in fats. This is great if you are still eating lots of vegetables and eating the healthy fats but this is not always the case. Check out the following links to read up more on the keto diet from Dr. Mark Hyman, a great source to follow for all things health and wellness! There is also a great article from Mind Body Green, another great resource.


A Functional Approach to the Keto Diet with Mark Hyman, MD


The Power of a Ketogenic Diet to Reverse Disease


Keto Diet: Every Question You’ve Ever Had, Answered


As always, take everything you read with a grain of salt. Not everyone is the same and what works for someone else might not work for you. Read carefully and figure out the pros and cons of the keto diet for you. If you have any questions, please don’t be afraid to reach out to one of our trainers! We are all here to help you!


Live well,

Shelby Hyre



A Review of Cancer Fighting Foods

Good Morning everyone!
Wellness Wednesday yesterday was a review of Cancer Fighting Foods and a taste test session!!! Last week I gave you the statistic that 1 in 2 American men and 1 in 3 American women will deal with cancer in their lifetimes. I am working to keep that from being YOU! If you are interested in a link that takes you to a quick quiz about your risk factors that involve the foods you choose, email me and I am happy to send it to you! The highlights are as follows:
1. mushrooms
2. garlic
3. berries
4. turmeric
5. cabbage and crucifers
6. leafy dark green vegetables
7. legumes
8. red grapes
9. walnuts
10. celery

I brought one of my trainers, Nichole Simon with me for show and tell yesterday. Nichole is the one who has been experimenting for me with different energy bars and snacks πŸ™‚ We “taste tested” Oatmeal cinnamon raisin bites, Vanilla Macadamia nut, Cashew cookies, Coconut flour bread, and a vegan cheesecake sample. The goal is to have nutritionally dense snacks that are tasty and without too much sugar!! I’m pretty sure the winner of the day was the Oatmeal cinnamon raisin!! We (meaning Nichole) will keep at it with your feedback and suggestions!! The next batch will be around to sample soon!! Part of the discussion with Nichole was asking how she meets nutritional requirements as an active person and a Vegan. She has many tips for anyone who might be trying this kind of diet πŸ™‚ One thing is for sure, EACH of us have things and foods and activities that work for us and those that DO NOT work for us. The game is to find the ones that DO, and to stick with them!! Here’s wishing you a happy, healthy week full of gratitude for your fitness, and a desire to find foods that you love that support your health! Keep experimenting, it is worth it. YOU ARE WORTH IT!!

PLU Code System for Produce

Hi Everyone!
We had a great session yesterday for Wellness Wednesday!! A couple of weeks ago we were discussing the PLU code system for produce. You know, those little stickers on your apples and bananas that have a 5 digit code? Well, if you haven’t paid attention to them before, it is time to start now!! The prefix number is the important part to commit to memory or to your smart phone somewhere πŸ™‚ A #9 prefix means that the product is ORGANIC- meaning no pesticides or messing around with the product. A #8 prefix means that the product was GENETICALLY ENGINEERED– to be avoided. For a nice reference to a list of lots of products go to: This source should help with lingering questions you might have.

As you know, I am reading and gathering information for you all of the time! I even gather information from song lyrics! I was listening to a song on Monday and part of the lyric for the chorus was
“I’m just a creature of habit in a complicated world” Boy! Did that hit home with me and all of the subjects I have been studying. Behavior change, habits, addictions, chemical interaction of different foods, how to quiet your brain and reduce stress. In all of these areas….our habits that we have developed rule our success!! I am reading a new book and right now she is discussing brain chemistry with cravings, addiction, and binge eating. I know, not so thrilling to you, but I am FASCINATED by what I am learning —which means you will be hearing about it!! But, for today, just some updates and statistics to keep you thinking about WHY you want to stay on your exercise program and continue to watch the foods you choose:)



1 in 2 American men are expected to get cancer in their lifetimes


1 in 3 women are expected to get cancer in their lifetimes


1 in 3 kids now has allergies, autism, ADHD, or asthma


1 in 2 minority kids born in the year 2000 are expected to be insulin dependent by the time they reach adulthood, and 1 in 3 white kids

2 out of 3 Americans are battling obesity and weight issues in a serious way—RIGHT NOW

A synopsis of several articles concerning sugar and sweeteners- more information to ponder……
Raw honey is the only sweetener with any scientific evidence that it may be able to play a role in a healthy diet.
Agave is high in fructose—higher than corn syrup and high fructose corn syrup!
Fructose is challenging to the liver.
Brown rice syrup is on the rise in products so be careful….it has a very high glycemic index
Fructose is not well tolerated. Some problems associated with it are increased inflammation, increase upset to the gut microbiome, and insulin resistance.
Added and refined sugars are at least 50% fructose and sweeteners like corn syrup, agave, and fruit juice are up to 65% fructose
Dietary sugar + fruit juice contributes to childhood obesity and insulin resistance in children. Increased inflammation affects the environment in the lungs as well as the gut and creates a perfect storm for asthma in children.

Doggone it Becky! Why such a Debbie Downer???? I just want you to continue reading labels and refining your choices of any of the processed foods you are still eating. Working your way to whole foods in your diet is the way to go!! Lots of vegetables, clean protein, limited grains and limited fruits is the ticket!!

Lastly, an article titled “Being doctors of ourselves is the real future of healthcare” had 5 bullet points. I share them with you hoping you will continue to work towards stellar health for yourself!!

  1. Envision your personal health future
  2. Set very specific, yet achievable goals
  3. Enlist others to join you on your personal quest for better health
  4. Create or change your environment to increase your likelihood of success
  5. Be ready to course correct as time goes on

I sincerely hope you are all enjoying this wonderful weather we have been having and that you are well on your way to reaching the goals you have set for 2017. Please remember that Nick, Kristen and I are all available to help you in any way we can to increase your success and health!!
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