How Fit is Your Corporate

   Wellness Program?

Are You Offering?

 Weight Management Programs

 On-site Group Exercise Programs

 Nutritional Counseling

 Fitness Testing/Education Workshops

 Lunch and Learn Series

 On-site Fitness Facilities

 Access to a Worksite Wellness Coach


Is Your Business Experiencing

           These Benefits?

 Increased Productivity

 Reduced Cost due to Employee Turnover

 Lowered Insurance Premiums

 Reduced Health Care Costs

 Fewer Workers’ Compensation Claims

 Reduced Employee Absenteeism

 Reduced Sick Days

Other Benefits of Regular Exercise

Reduced Blood Pressure

Improved Mood and Decreased Fatigue

Enhanced Sleep Quality and Quantity

Decreased Depression/Anxiety

Improved Concentration and Morale

Reduction in Type 2 Diabetes

Lower Resting Heart Rate

Reduced Stress

More Consistent Energy Levels

Corporate Wellness

Class Compilation from Personally Fit on Vimeo.

From needs assessments to on-site fitness instruction, we have a comprehensive package of services you can choose from and tailor to your needs.

  1. Wellness program coordination – Let our experienced staff work with you to help design a fitness program to fill your company’s needs and fit your budget.

  2. Facility Staffing – Let us provide the staffing for your exercise facility. Our professional staff will help with orientations, member questions, lead group fitness classes, personal training sessions, equipment maintenance, and cleaning of the facility.

A sample of on-site classes includes:

          Boot camps                       Circuit Training             Core Conditioning

          Kickboxing Step              Aerobics Water              Aerobics          

          Exercise Band                  5K Running Program    Women on Weights

          SalsaFit                             Yoga                                Fabulous Abs

          Zumba                                Hip Hop                          Aerobics 

          Sport Specific Training    Variety Class                 Strength Training

  1. Consulting Services – We will help with equipment selection, facilitate the purchase and design your space for optimum participant usability.

  2. Lunch & Learn – Our lunch & learn lectures are usually conducted during the workday to educate employees about various fitness and nutrition topics.

We currently provide Corporate Wellness to many Dayton businesses, schools and non-profit organizations and can provide references upon request.

Health and Wellness Education

From on-going classes to one day seminars, we offer programs for all ages and stages of fitness. These programs are designed to suit your specific group goals and are perfect for schools, churches, senior centers, and professional and social organizations.

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