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Integrate and Thrive takes a whole body approach to enhance your function, wellness and performance. Our goal is to treat the body as one whole system instead of individual parts as they all work together to get you through your day. By viewing the body this way, we can address what is likely the root cause of the issues as well as possibly taking care of multiple.

We believe that the body does everything it does for a reason - many times the reason is to protect you. Each “symptom” you feel is your body trying to tell you that something is wrong. Often client’s will compensate (sometimes unknowingly) to keep an issue from coming to mind. Our practitioners will look for these signs/signals and use them to direct the treatment session. Looking at the signals from the full body allows us to get towards the root cause of the symptom which will hopefully result in long-term resolution. By using many different techniques during the session, the practitioner may be able to get you on your way quicker than you thought.



Masgutova Neurosensorimotor Reflex Integration (MNRI)


We each have primary movement and reflex patterns that are key to development. These reflexes are the fundamental building blocks for all learned movement and skills from first lifting your head to crawling, walking, talking, writing, calculating, etc.

When the body is put under certain stressors, it could cause a reflex to not continue integrating while we continue to grow/develop - meaning that this reflex is left behind and the rest of the body has to compensate for it. A person’s reflexes can be affected at any time - while they are in utero to older adulthood. 

If the infant/child/adult has a negative outcome when using a reflex, the brain will remember this and figure out a new way to go about it so that the negative outcome does not occur again. The brain does not forget the negative outcome easily - your brain is always trying to protect you! But sometimes this is not what is best for the body. For example, if an infant experiences that when he wiggles around using his spinal reflexes, and then falls off the changing table and hurts himself. So then the brain documents a negative outcome and thinks: “when using the spinal reflexes, I fall and hurt myself. I better not use these so that I do not hurt myself again.”  The next time the body is needing to use the spinal reflexes, it will compensate - overtime causing other issues. As this child grows, he may not have proper hip motion, could develop back problems, or many more possible negative outcomes from this reflex not integrating.

To integrate the reflex, there are a variety of steps that can be taken that will depend on your individual situation - but no worries your practitioner will know what to do, you simply need to lie on the table and ask questions when you have them. Eventually, by working a reflex you will likely be able to integrate it so that the brain and body know that you are safe when using this reflex. This allows the system to be balanced and can function efficiently with less stressors and therefore less discomfort.  

The best way to learn about MNRI is to set up an assessment where the practitioner can show you an example of a specific reflex integration treatment. Or please visit MNRI’s website: for more resources and information.. 

Common instances where a reflex may not be integrated

  • born c-section, premature, induced or an epidural was used
  • if mother used alcohol or drugs while pregnant
  • crawling, walking, speech delays 
  • behavior disorders (OCD, ADD, autism, etc.)
  • inability to regulate emotions, hyperactivity, lack of motivation
  • chronic tightness, movement limitations
  • walking on your toes, inside or outside edge of your foot
  • balance/coordination issues
  • bad posture 
  • Experienced trauma (including PTSD)


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