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Integrate and Thrive takes a whole body approach to enhance your function, wellness and performance. Our goal is to treat the body as one whole system instead of individual parts as they all work together to get you through your day. By viewing the body this way, we can address what is likely the root cause of the issues as well as possibly taking care of multiple.

We believe that the body does everything it does for a reason - many times the reason is to protect you. Each “symptom” you feel is your body trying to tell you that something is wrong. Often client’s will compensate (sometimes unknowingly) to keep an issue from coming to mind. Our practitioners will look for these signs/signals and use them to direct the treatment session. Looking at the signals from the full body allows us to get towards the root cause of the symptom which will hopefully result in long-term resolution. By using many different techniques during the session, the practitioner may be able to get you on your way quicker than you thought.



Blood Flow

Blood flow is a pivotal aspect of how your body functions. In order for a cell to be healthy, it must be able to do two things: get nutrients in and waste out. For the cell to get waste out, you need a well performing lymphatic system (see “lymph work” for more information). Getting the nutrients to the cell is where blood flow comes in. Your heart pumps in order to move nutrients and oxygen throughout your body so the cells can get the materials needed.

Many people are worried about making sure they are getting the right foods in their body by eating healthy and/or taking supplements/vitamins/minerals. It is also common to be concerned about making sure their hormones are balanced. This is great; however, how do all of those nutrients get to the cells to be useful? Your blood flow. If your circulatory system is not working optimally, then you may be at a plateau or not getting the results you are wanting. You could be taking in the right foods for optimal health but your cells are not getting the benefits since your blood flow is not able to reach the cell. It is also true that tight tissue does not accept blood flow well. Meaning that all the cells in the tight area are not getting nutrients that they need in order to perform or heal/repair. Getting blood flow to the area may be the answer you are looking for to help you move and function better all around!

You may have a blood flow issue if you are experiencing any of the following…

  • Have tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, any “-itis”
  • known liver or kidney problems
  • blood test comes back fine, but you are not feeling fine
  • hit a plateau with performance
  • taking supplements/eating well but have not gotten the results you are looking for
  • wanting to optimize your health
  • chronic tightness/stiffness/muscle cramping
  • nerve pain (ex. sciatic nerve)
  • numbness/tingling down arm/legs or into the neck/back


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