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Integrate and Thrive takes a whole body approach to enhance your function, wellness and performance. Our goal is to treat the body as one whole system instead of individual parts as they all work together to get you through your day. By viewing the body this way, we can address what is likely the root cause of the issues as well as possibly taking care of multiple.

We believe that the body does everything it does for a reason - many times the reason is to protect you. Each “symptom” you feel is your body trying to tell you that something is wrong. Often client’s will compensate (sometimes unknowingly) to keep an issue from coming to mind. Our practitioners will look for these signs/signals and use them to direct the treatment session. Looking at the signals from the full body allows us to get towards the root cause of the symptom which will hopefully result in long-term resolution. By using many different techniques during the session, the practitioner may be able to get you on your way quicker than you thought.



Integrate and Thrive Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the typical questions we get about Integrate and Thrive.

How long until I see results?

As with every treatment, this is highly individual. It is dependent on how long you’ve been dealing with the issue, your health history, age, activity level, diet, awareness of your own body, and more. Most clients will leave the session feeling better than when they came in, but it is not a guarantee depending on the factors above. If you feel improvement, then we continue working on the issue until it is lasting.

How do I know if these techniques can help me?

The best thing you can do is set up an assessment. This will put you one on one with a practitioner who can discuss how these techniques pertain to you. If you have one of the symptoms listed above, then we can likely help you out!

What should I expect after the session?

It varies. This will be discussed during the session based on what the practitioner did. But it is always a good idea to drink plenty of water and get good sleep afterwards. You will likely be given homework to do to help support the process so we ask that you please do this in between your sessions.


What is the goal of the sessions?

You tell us! Let us know what you’d like to work on and we will do our best to accomplish that goal as soon as possible.


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