We have to know YOU! Our goal is to make sure your personal training program works with your body, your motivation level and your level of fitness. There is never a one-size fits all solution. This is personal!


Muscle Activation Technique:
  • A hands-on therapy to improve neuromuscular performance and improve mobility for those with limitations.
Screening Assessments
  • The fitness assessment provides key information that can be used to develop an exercise plan that helps you achieve your health goals quickly and safely.
Health Coaching - Nutrition
  • Our Health Coaching program starts with a risk free health history where we get to know you and work to meet your health goals.
Corporate Wellness Programs
  • From consultations to on-site exercise class instruction, we offer a full menu of employee wellness services and programs.
Personal Training
  • Instruction on fundamental principles of movement patterns and exercises you can incorporate into your everyday lifestyle to make activities easier and injury less likely.



One on One - Personal Training


Personal training one - on - one with a certified personal fitness trainer is often the best approach for someone who want to make sure they are getting the best results they can get with a program that is unique to their specific needs and goals.

Personal training can include strength training using free weights, body weight and selectorized weights. We often augment our strength, weight training programs with some explosive activities like battle ropes, training sleds and other activity design to increase your natural growth hormone and testosterone levels. 

Personal training isn't always done on the weight machines. Variety is extremely important to continued improvement and avoiding becoming injured. Those wishing to improve their overall cardio, we include a combination of weight and cardio equipment. 

Ultimately, our clients come to us with a set of goals and we help them devise a plan to get there and then we work together, execute the plan, measure the progress all along the way, adjust as needed to get to their final goal. Once we reach those goals, we re-assess and look at the next set of achievable goals and device a new plan to get there! This is how you get to the best shape you've ever been in!

Personal Training Topics


You can’t take the “personal” out of Personally Fit. We believe in fitness for a lifetime. Whether your goals are personal, sports related, medical rehabilitation, or trying to get your corporation moving...

we are here to help you meet your goal!