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Dayton, Ohio 45439
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Train on One Leg (Part 1)

Check out the awesome benefits of single-leg training!

Fueling Your Body

Are you ready when it really counts? What if all your training and factored as only a portion of your preparation?


Several years ago, I trained to run my first half marathon (Indy Mini 500) with my older brother. I didn’t sleep well, my nerves were shot, I didn’t have my regular food available, and I doubted if my training schedule really prepared me for the race. I got up early and tried to eat something from the hotel restaurant. We walked to the race start and found our coral.

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Our newly expanded facility is open and accepting members. Come see all our new equipment, meet our staff of nationally certified trainers, and learn about our new 30 minute small group classes. Monthly, quarterly, and annual memberships are available. Since we actually WANT you to use your membership, we offer incentives for attendance with Perkville. Bring a Friend and earn extra Perkville points. 

Gym Hours: Monday through Thursday: 5am - 9pm

Friday: 5am - 7pm

Saturday: 7am - 2pm

Experience Your Fitness Potential

At Personally Fit, you can expect results. After all, we’ve been delivering them for more than 25 years. Your fitness goals are our top priority. We offer: 

  • Training sessions  – In your home or at our facility in Dayton, OH, our nationally certified personal trainers offer private and semi-private fitness programs designed specifically for your distinct fitness level, lifestyle, goals and challenges.

  • Small Group Sessions – From boot camp to Pilates, our experienced trainers, including RKC certified kettlebell instructors, provide a motivational group dynamic that will challenge you to reach new heights.

  • State-of-the-art facilities  – Whether you prefer private training or open-space workouts, we have clean, safe and comfortable space to meet your needs.

  • Sports performance training – Improve your individual or team athletic performance with our specific sport-oriented training at our facility or at your location.

  • Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT)  – A hands-on therapy to improve neuromuscular performance and improve mobility for those with limitations.

  • Corporate wellness – From consultations to on-site exercise class instruction, we offer a full menu of employee wellness services and programs.


So give us a call. Take a tour. Meet the staff. 

Learn our training philosophy. 

Take the next step toward a better, healthier you.


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