Muscle Activation Techniques

Muscle Activation Techniques or MAT is a highly effective way to help you re-engage muscle that might not be working as well as they should be. Over time, stress, injury and inflammation can caused diminished use of certain muscles. The body will react to avoid pain. When a muscle is injured, this puts the body into an unbalanced state and after the muscle heals, the person may have gotten used to how the body adapted so instead of returning to normal, the muscle become dormant. 

With MAT, we go through a process of testing, correcting and returning your muscles to their original function and efficiency.



Muscle Activation Process


A MAT session involves assessing range of motion, testing the muscles to identify limitations and stimulating weak or stiff muscles by applying force with the fingers. This is followed by a reassessment of the treated muscles to assure the muscles are functioning efficiently.

The Muscle Activation process includes these four steps.

  1. Identify Weakness
  2. Activate Muscles
  3. Restore Function
  4. USE it!

Identify Muscle Weakness

Personally Fit MAT specialists work with individual clients to assess neuromuscular funcion by conducting a series of mobility tests to measure range of motion, imbalances and muscle contracting efficiency.


Activate Muscles

After the muscles that need help are identified, the MAT Specialist will "Activate" each muscle using a range of techniques that included isometric contractions or specific force applications to the origin and insertion points of the affected muscle(s).



The original symptoms decrease after MAT sessions because the muscle function is re-established and engaged. The connections to the nervous system and muscular system are re-trained and the muscle begins to work the way it should have been working all along. 



Sometimes the reason the muscle loses efficience is your body moved away from some pain that existed perhaps some time in the past. An individual will do the same thing! They re-adjust their golf swing because their back hurts. Their tennis serve is modified because they had trouble with a full shoulder rotation. The couldn't even pick up their kids because their lower back would "twinge". After MAT, our clients re-engage in these activities! They improve their game, they even pick up their kids and walk their dog more. Improving muscle function allows people to get back to what they were missing!


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