Muscle Activation Techniques

Muscle Activation Techniques or MAT is a highly effective way to help you re-engage muscle that might not be working as well as they should be. Over time, stress, injury and inflammation can caused diminished use of certain muscles. The body will react to avoid pain. When a muscle is injured, this puts the body into an unbalanced state and after the muscle heals, the person may have gotten used to how the body adapted so instead of returning to normal, the muscle become dormant. 

With MAT, we go through a process of testing, correcting and returning your muscles to their original function and efficiency.



Who is a Candidate for MAT?

If you have experienced pain, stress, trauma, stiffness, sports injuries, any loss in range of motion, or the ability to participate in sports or activities you once enjoyed, you are a candidate for MAT! From the 90-year-old woman who simply wants to maintain her basic activity level and independence, to the weekend warrior who defies all laws of “getting old,” to the budding athlete who needs every advantage to remain competitive and injury-free, MAT can improve your life!

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Muscle Activation Process

A MAT session involves assessing range of motion, testing the muscles to identify limitations and stimulating weak or stiff muscles by applying force with the fingers. This is followed by a reassessment of the treated muscles to assure the muscles are functioning efficiently.

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